Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Group Bravo - Task 2 - Health In Singapore

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200 Word Justification / Essay (Health In Singapore) :

Diseases are common and sometimes deadly, especially contagious infection. People tend to catch diseases easily if they do not maintain a high standard of hygiene. In toilets, we could see signs asking us to 'aim' at the urinals, flush the toilet and also instructions to wash our hands. They are to remind us to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

Teenagers are also sometimes influenced to take drugs by their peers. They may take drugs also because they think it is ‘cool’ and fun to do so. They will find a secret hiding spot where people less frequent and take drugs there. Teenagers who smoke are either influenced by peers, tried it out of curiosity and got addicted to it or also, think that it is ‘cool’ and tried to show off to people by doing so. They will sometimes smoke in toilets too.

Lastly, medical fees and clinic services are sometimes problems in Singapore too. Clinic services may sometimes be slow and may cause some of their patients’ conditions to worsen during the wait. Medical fees are also problems for people of the less fortunate as they do not have money to afford appropriate medical treatment.

-199 Words

Group Members for this area : Arjun and Xiao Tao

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