Thursday, June 28, 2012

Questions to Answers (Task 3)

4)In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Public Relations Manager? Why?

Post your answer as a comment.


  1. For the leader, it is to organise and divide the work given byt he teacher equally among the group members.
    For the blog manager, it is to manage the blog well and make sure it is not too messy.Furthermore, he/she must remember to update the blog.
    For the schedule manager, it is to manage the time for work to be done.
    For the public relations manager, it is to present the work that the group has done in a tip top condition.

  2. In my opinion, the main roles of everybody is to co-operate with all the members and research on information that we need.
    The role of the leader is to make sure everything runs smoothly in the group and everyone is doing their work well.
    The role of the blog manager is to make sure things are posted on time onto the blog and make sure that the blog is updated.
    The role of the schedule manager is to find a time when everyone is free and get together to discuss on what we need to.
    Lastly, the role of the public relations manager is to make sure that we present well and do not have disagreements with other groups.

  3. The leader is to guide his team members on how to work together as a team and be organised while doing their part.
    The blog manager should be able to customise the blog in such a way that it is not too haphazard and easy to use.
    The schedule manager must schedule research sessions for the team at appropriate times.
    The pubic relations manager must be able to present our research to the public in an effective way.

  4. Leader : A leader must know how to help everyone in the group to bring out their ideas which might help the group in the end
    Blog Manager : A blog manager must be organized to make it easier for everyone to get the necessary information